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Wheeler Properties is a locally and family-owned, multigenerational commercial real estate and brokerage company that has served Northern Colorado for more than 100 years.



Charles Wheeler founded Wheeler Realty with the intention of growing alongside the community of Greeley.



John R.P. Wheeler took over the business, pivoting the company into a new direction of high-growth through commercial and residential development opportunities that helped to expand and support the community.



John R.P. and his son Dan Wheeler established Wheeler Management Group to shift the core service offerings to include real estate development and commercial property management.



Dan Wheeler took over Wheeler Management Group, Inc. and with a continued focus towards commercial property management he also dramatically expanded the brokerage services. The real estate holdings continued to grow and they expanded outside of Colorado to acquire properties in Arizona.



Greg Wheeler took over and created Wheeler Properties Inc. With fantastic staff, he will strive to live up to the high standards that have become a defining characteristic of the Wheeler family legacy.

Our longevity in the community has resulted in strong local connections and the ability to be very selective when it comes to working with different properties.

Our mission is to serve as a partner to provide clients with high-quality, turnkey brokerage and commercial real estate services that build lasting real estate wealth.

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When you hire Wheeler Properties, you’re not hiring an individual broker. Rather, you’re hiring an interconnected team with a diverse range of specialties, allowing our experts to provide comprehensive support for a range of real estate and brokerage services without compromising quality.

At Wheeler Properties, we are selective with our partnerships. We focus on establishing relationships with the right clients so that we can build lifetime relationships.

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